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Introducing the Zivaro Customer Experience Program

by Zivaro, on May 27, 2020 1:40:18 PM

Zivaro furthers its commitment to customer success with a new Customer Experience (CX) program.

When customers have a great experience, they are happy and loyal. Our new Customer Experience (CX) program is the foundation for delivering immediate and sustained value to our customer relationships. It confirms our ability to establish and integrate innovative solutions, find and overcome adoption barriers, enable adoption frameworks, and translate customer needs leading to renewals and opportunities throughout the full lifecycle. 

Customers have historically struggled to maximize their technology investments, with technology becoming shelfware because of low feature activation and end-user adoption. Zivaro launched its new Customer Experience program to overcome these challenges and help customers accelerate outcomes and maximize their technology investments. 

Ryan Bursey who has been with Zivaro for more than 12 years in various technical and client-facing roles, will head up Zivaro’s Customer Experience program. Speaking to the new program and Ryan’s position, Glenn Smith, Zivaro President, said, “customer experience programs are the natural evolution to traditional professional services, taking clients several steps forward with their return on investment and ensuring full value gets realized.  We are very excited to be formalizing our adoption services across technical domains and expect clients will immediately realize better outcomes with their IT spend."

As improving the customer experience becomes a broader business strategy, more organizations are facing the decision to commit to sweeping customer experience transformations. Zivaro architected its CX program to support the cross-functional customer journey - one that sets a clear roadmap to deliver the ideal experience for its clients and help them realize business and mission goals.

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