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Thomas DeAngelis Promoted to Zivaro Chief Revenue Officer

by Zivaro, on Feb 20, 2020 5:02:22 PM

Zivaro appoints Thomas DeAngelis to the all-new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role and furthers its commitment to driving customer results and improving profitability.

Tom-DeAngelis-sq-uai-720x720We are proud to announce that Thomas DeAngelis, former Zivaro Senior Vice President of Federal and Enterprise Business, has been named Zivaro Chief Revenue Officer. Tom is a proven leader, and since joining Zivaro five years ago, he has been integral to the organization’s continued growth and success. 

The role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is new to Zivaro but aligns with the company’s 2020 goals and theme of “ONE.” Bringing together sales, solutions, and engineering services teams beneath the umbrella of an all-new Revenue Organization, allows Zivaro to streamline collaboration and communication and establish efficiencies to drive customer results and enhance outcomes. 

Zivaro made significant progress during the last year in the development of efficiencies through the consolidation of services beneath an optimized Services Organization. The establishment of a Revenue Organization is the crucial next step that joins all aspects of the revenue-generating teams. 

Speaking to the consolidation of services teams beneath the new Revenue Organization and the Engineering Services Organization, Greg Byles, Zivaro CEO, says, “The establishment of a new CRO role and the creation of the Revenue Organization and Engineering Services Organization aligns with our goal of creating a more cohesive organization focused on providing clients and partners with an amazing experience through every interaction and outcome received from Zivaro.”  

Given his background in leading both large technical consulting organizations as well as sales organizations, Tom is uniquely suited to the role of Chief Revenue Officer. The all-new CRO role moves Zivaro closer toward realizing its goal of becoming the best IT integrator in regulated markets. 

Zivaro congratulates Thomas DeAngelis on the appointment of his new role. 

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